National Book Lovers Day

Today, August 9, is National Book Lovers Day. I suspect that many writers live as I do, nestled among books. The only rooms with no books in them are the kitchen and the bathroom. That said, I don’t count the kitchen. While not a great room, the kitchen and family room open into each other and my cook books and many other books are in the family room.

But even where I don’t have space for a bookcase, I have books. The photo above is my living room. The real estate agent called this room the dining room and it is how we used it for years. Then one Saturday my son had 12 friends over to game. We swapped the dining room table for the sofa in the front room and we have never moved it back. This is actually my favorite reading spot in the whole house and not just because the cat likes to occupy the arm of the sofa, a massive, comfortable piece of furniture.

When I have a moment, I sprawl here and read. Other times I listen to audio books and knit. In the winter, the birdfeeder is right outside this window and I get to watch the cardinals. Definitely my favorite spot.

I don’t write here although I do sometimes rewrite about 15 feet away at the dining room table. After I do several revisions on-screen, I do one on paper. I’ve discovered that this is the best way to spot duplicate phrases or duplicate information. Why does this information escape my notice on screen? I have no idea but it very often does.

I am most definitely fortunate to get to make books for a living. Speaking of which, I better hop to it. I’ve got a deadline next week.

Happy National Book Lovers Day! Take the time to pick up a book and read.