4th of July: Living the Life of a Freelancer

Well, it’s that time again.  Time for my annual 4th of July post.  Today I’m spending time with my family and taking time off to recharge my batteries.  I hope you’ll be doing the same.

Whether you are working or chilling out, it pays to be flexible.  Generally, we go see fireworks.  The site is about 1 mile from our house and we walk but the heat index today is going to be 104 and there’s a chance of evening thunderstorms.

Will we or won’t we?  My guess is that we don’t but that’s just a guess.  We shall see what happens.

The local garden store has everything at half price.  What would grow in that shady spot in our front yard?  I’d like to get see what they have.  My husband, he who would dig the hole, is less than enthusiastic at the thought of digging high heat, humidity and a possible storm.

I’ve got some ideas on how to improve a manuscript.  I’ve got two chapters to smooth out for critique group on Wednesday.  And I’ve got a proposal to work on as well as an outline to rework.

There are numerous things that I can do, but very few that I absolutely must get done today.  It’s a nice place to be because I can afford to be flexible.

Whatever your goals are for the day, I hope you meet them, have some time left to recharge and, in general, have a wonderful 4th of July!