How to Write When the World Fails to Cooperate

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Yesterday I had my first occupations therapy appointment. No worries. It was at 7:15 in the morning. I’d still work in time to write!

After my appointment I had to buy a wrist brace.

By the time I got home I had a headache. I took something and took a short nap.

After lunch, while I was doing my wrist exercises, one of my son’s friends dropped by. Yes, we visited.

Then I had to take my son to the train station.

When I got home, I plunged into e-mail so I could get that done and have time for the webinar last evening. Oh, wait. Reading my e-mail, I saw that I had miscalculated the time for the webinar. I had already missed it!

The only thing that I got written yesterday was this blog post! But the good news is that when you are a writer there is a lot more to your job than just writing. When I include those items on my “writing things accomplished” list, it looks much more impressive.

  1. I worked on the pacing for my newest picture book manuscript, I am that Cat.
  2. I stapled together the pages for to dummy I am that Cat.
  3. While stuck in traffic, I noodled over story ideas. I had five ideas to jot down when I got home.
  4. Reading my e-mail and a handful of blog posts, I came up with three more story ideas.
  5. Watched part of an SCBWI webinar while I walked on the treadmill. We were having a heat alert so walking outside wasn’t an option.

It is important to work writing into your schedule, but we all have days that just don’t go as planned. If this happens to you regularly, you may need to come up with some solutions. But if it happens only occasionally, accomplish what you can and consider it a life experience day. We all need experiences of various kinds to fuel our writing. Work with what life gives you!