What Are You Reading?

Some how, some way, I always consider what I am reading research. If it doesn’t feed into a current project it will almost certainly feed into a future project. Right? At the moment, I am working on a nonfiction title for 3rd graders. Then I’ll work on my middle grade science fiction title. Then it is back to my cozy.

Of course, I’m also squeezing a return to my graphic novel picture book in there. And I’m sending a poem back out and maybe a piece of preschool nonfiction. So, what am I reading?

In this week’s library haul. I have:

  • Write for Your Life by Anna Quindlen. Honestly, I can’t even remember why I requested this one. I think a writing friend recommended it!
  • The Kindred by Alechia Dow, a young adult science fiction novel. Science fiction – that’s research.
  • Laetitia Rodd and the Case of the Wondering Scholar by Kate Saunders. This one is a mystery but not a cozy because it is historic.
  • Unsettled Land by Sam Haynes. I’m noodling over writing something set in Texas. I just finished reading War on the Border by Jeff Guinn. I have a list of ideas already. My guess is that by the time I finish this book, I’ll have twice as many.
  • I am Love by Susan Verde. This is a picture book. I’m taking a picture book workshop tomorrow.
  • Schomburg by Carole Weatherford. Another picture book. This one is historic nonfiction.
  • Endlessly Ever After by Laurel Snyder, illustrated by Dan Santat. I requested this one because Santat illustrated it. It is a choose your own fairy tale adventure and a much longer picture book. I’d love to write a choose your own but had never considered doing it for this level.

What have you checked out this week? How does it relate to your writing?

And three picture books, , , and

The last picture books, Endlessly Ever After, is . Really interested in exploring this title.

What have you checked out this week?


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