You and Your Mews

Are you someone who sits and waits for your Muse to show up and inspire you? At one point, I was that kind of writer. But no more. It really isn’t compatible with doing work-for-hire or having contracts. Sign a contract for a series and you have to get those books turned in on time.

I’ve been working on two books for a single Abdo series. Two weeks ago I was supposed to finish drafting Book 2 and turn it in. But I got a message from my editor and put Book 2 aside to do a requested rewrite on Book 1. Both books are now turned in and I’d love to take a day off.

No can do!

Wednesday is critique group. This means that if I want feedback on my work, I need to get it to everyone today. Instead of putting my feet up and sipping a nice drink, I’ll be polishing two chapters and pulling together my graphic sidebars.

You know the saying when it rains it pours? That’s what the writing world is like.

A friend of mine is working on three projects. She is writing ghost writing two books for a middle grade series. She is writing a mystery series and a romance series, both for adults. The deadlines for each project overlapped so she’d meet a mystery deadline, then work on a middle grade, then write a romance.

The reality is that if you want to be a working writer, you need to work at being a writer. You need to put in the time even when you aren’t sure what to write about. That’s why a lot of writers work on more than one project at a time. If you get stuck on one, then you can put that aside and work on the other.

And what do you do if your muse is completely uncooperative? Sit down at your desk. Take a notebook out on the deck. Maybe you can get a study room at the library. Do what you need to do to convince yourself that now is a good time to write.