Cover Reveal!

Cover reveal! I just found two of my new book covers up on Amazon.

Although I had some ideas about what a book cover for Become a Construction Equipment Operator, I really had no clue for What Are Learning Disorders? I’m glad they didn’t show a younger student. These books are for readers in fifth through ninth grades. You wouldn’t want to depict an eight year-old struggling to fill in a worksheet. The reader who picks this book up is going to be a bit older and, because the student on the cover is also a bit older, it will help the reader to feel seen.

I don’t often get to write hi-lo, but I really enjoy it when I do. For those of you who aren’t familiar with these types of books they are high interest level (middle or high school) and low reading level. That means that they are written for young readers who, for whatever reason, have trouble reading.

I’m not going to lie to you. These books weren’t easy to write. My editor and I had to go back and forth a bit on What Are Learning Disorders? to get things just right. But that’s okay. I’d much rather correct something that isn’t working right myself. That way it still sounds like me.

These books aren’t from the same series but they are both from the same publisher, Brightpoint Press. That means that what I learned writing What Are Learning Disorders? I got to put right to work writing Become a Construction Equipment Operator. And I must have done a good job because this book required no rewrites whatsoever.

The best thing about writing this book is that I really believe in vocational education. My dad taught electrical lab at Ranken Technical College for 24 years. That said, when he started teaching there it was Ranken Technical Institute. There are so many kids who are a great match for vocational training who may not feel that it is an option since so many high schools focus on the students who are headed to university. I almost went to Ranken to study architectural drafting. I ultimately chose university which was a better match for me but I have a soft spot in my heart for tech schools.

These books are coming out August 2022.