Evergreen Topics

Whether you write for magazines, online markets or books, there are topics that are evergreen. Fro those of you who don’t know this term, evergreen topics are those that editors always need depending on the season and market.

For example, parenting markets look for pieces on child safety and raising confident children. In last summer, the publish pieces on going back to school. Winter topics include Christmas and how to keep your child on a regular schedule over winter break.

See what I mean? Gardening publications publish about starting seeds and native planting.

Knitting and crochet publications look for pieces on the latest yarns. They also publish patterns and how to substitute yarns or how to create garments with the perfect fit.

The key when you write an evergreen topic is to come up with a new approach. Author Richard Osman poked fun at this problem in his mystery The Thursday Murder Club. When one of the police officers comes and speaks at the retirement community, a group or residents set her straight early in her talk. She’d given her talk, “Practical Tips for Home Security,” to numerous groups but this was the first time that members of the audience had told her what not to talk about. After all, they already know to use window locks and to ask would-be repair people for IDs.

Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

What does that have to do with evergreen topics? Come Easter, the editor will have seen plenty of pieces on dying eggs and creating Easter Baskets. You are going to have to come up with something new. Perhaps your family uses something other than an Easter Basket. Maybe you decorate something other than eggs. Write about that! How could you make Easter about generosity or the environment?

Whatever evergreen topic you chose to write about, make it fresh and new. One way to make sure your piece is new is to look at what has already been published. Explore your target market but explore competing markets as well.

Evergreen topics are a great starting place when it comes time to brainstorm story ideas. Just be certain to go beyond the obvious. After all, we already know about locking our windows and asking for IDs.