Keeping Track of Your Goals

I’ve got an alpaca keeping an eye on my goals.

For 3 years, I have belonged to an accountability group. We write. We talk about writing. We post our goals. And we ask each other about those goals. “How are you doing on…”

I have to admit that I’m not super good at meeting these goals. I always get a lot done so I don’t feel too bad about the fact that I’m not accomplishing my posted goals. After all, I always have a reason for switching things up.

This year, I decided to try something new. Posting a twelve month goal means that I can drift pretty far from my original goals by the end of the year. To prevent this, I’m creating monthly goals. Instead of grand sweeping goals, I’m writing up four smaller goals for each month.

This month they are:

  1. I’m writing Act 3 of Airstream.
  2. I’m generating 30 ideas as part of Storystorm. 
  3. I’m working on a series pitch for an educational publisher.
  4. I’m taking a class on writing graphic novels. You can find out about this class here.

Half way through week 1, I realized that I wasn’t sure how I was doing. My goals were only written down on the post I did for the Muffin here. That’s a problem because I’m not going to go to my post every day.

I printed them out and posted them on my calendar. See the photo above.

So, how am I doing? I’ve only worked on two of these goals. That’s not as bad as it sounds. I’m generating story ideas and I’m working on Airstream. The class doesn’t start for another week.

But the proposal? I have no excuse for not working on that except that it has been out of sight. And you know what they say – out of sight, out of mind. Every time I enter or leave my office, I walk past my calendar. That means that every time I enter or leave my office, I will see these goals posted at eye level.

I’m a visual person so I think that this will work much better for me. When I get one of them done, I can strike through it with a sharpie. Hot pink should get my attention. Or orange. Or lime green. Fortunately, I’ve got a fair collection of sharpies and brush markers waiting to note my progress.