3 Tricks to Help You Get Words on the Page

Get those words on the page!

What is the most important part of writing? It is kind of a chicken and egg situation. You have to get words on the page. You have to know how to rewrite. But you can’t rewrite until you get the words on the page.

My husband is working from home. That means he’s sharing my office.

My son’s university is remote for the first two weeks of classes. Fortunately he’s not in my office but he is next door.

Back in the olden days, I was the only one home during the day. Now I have two bipedal distractions asking me questions, showing me funny cat photos and more. Fortunately, there are ways I can encourage myself to write. Maybe they will also work for you.

Daily Goal

Set a daily goal for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a huge goal and something I just read said that it is best if it is a fairly small goal. The reason for this is simple. For most of us, when we fail at a big goal, we don’t think, “Hey, I almost made it.”

We think, “I failed.”

So instead of setting yourself a goal of writing 2000 words/day, set yourself a goal of 300 words. If you write more than that, you’ll have the opportunity to cheer!

Stop Mid-Sen…

I don’t remember who gave this advice but I was told that when I stop writing for the day, I should stop mid-sentence or even mid-word.

When you wrap up the scene you are writing or the chapter, you have a tidy ending. But you also face a new beginning when you start writing the next day. This brings with it a certain amount of stress.

If, on the other hand, you stop mid-sentence or mid-word, you will probably remember what you were writing. You sit down and tippity tappity type and away you go.

Stopping mid-sentence or mid-word is also irritating. Think of it as being cut off. You want to get back to it and finish that sentence!


What does NaNoWriMo have to do with encouraging yourself to write in January? You can use the site all year long. When I am working on a longer manuscript, I can set a monthly goal for myself.

This month, I think my goal was to write 8,000 words. You set the start date. You set the stop date. The site tells you how many words you need to write each day. And it graphs it.

I’m a highly visual person. I like seeing the daily progress that I’m making. And if I key in 100 words instead of 300 words, the graph reflects that. I hate having that one little dot way down at 100, telling me that I didn’t put in any effort. It is often enough to push to make that 300 word goal.

These work for me. Hopefully they will also work for you and you will find yourself getting words on the page.