Idea Generation: Storystorm 2022

I am taking part in Storystorm 2022. Are you?

Normally I have more writing ideas than I know what to do with. I think of new ideas while I am reading. Watching TV or a movie? Ideas definitely come to me especially if I am watching nonfiction. Museums are especially intriguing and I snap photos of exhibit descriptions and more.

This means that normally I end the year with pages and pages of ideas. 2021 has not been like that. I’ve had more than enough ideas for what I need to do but the latter part of the year has been a long dry spell.

When I saw that registration was open for Storystorm 2022, I signed up.  If you’ve never heard of Storystorm, it’s a great way to start the new year with a batch of new story ideas. Storystorm is always a good way to reboot my writing after a holiday break.  And, really? I think that most of us need a reboot coming out of 2021 aka 2020 Part 2.

Originally, Storystorm, then known as PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month), took place in November.  Now it is in January and the basic idea is very straightforward. Throughout January you keep track of the ideas you generate.  The goal is to have 30 ideas by the end of the month. There are inspirational posts and prizes for all who complete the program.  You can find out more about it and register here.

Some people discredit maintaining an idea list.  After all, should it count if you don’t write the idea into a manuscript?  Pfft.  Whatever.  Here is why I do it.  

  1.  Not all ideas are created equal.  Some simply do not measure up.  That’s a fact but writing them down is still helpful.  Read on to find out why.
  2. By getting into the habit of generating story ideas, you develop your idea generation muscles. You generate more ideas and can afford to weed out the ones that just don’t measure up. As a result, your stories become more original.
  3. Your list of story ideas also becomes a handy tool.  Need an idea for a contest, a pitch, or an example in an article? Peruse your list.  Combine ideas.

Lazar is now taking registrations.  Comment on the announcment post on her blog (linked here) to register.

For more on idea generation, see “Idea Generation: Where Do You Get Your Ideas” and “3 Places to Turn for Story Ideas.”