The Best of Plans or What to Do When Asked for a Rewrite

Never fear. Underdog is here.

I always start the writing week with a plan. Yesterday I posted about my plans for this week. I want to finish the first draft of my middle grade science fiction novel Airstream. I got a bit done yesterday morning so I have 2000 words to go!

Monday I got an email. My editors wanted to know if I could rewrite a nonfiction manuscript in 7 days. Granted that is the normal turn around time but . . . but . . . I want to work on my novel! My family is home! I want to have fun!

So what do you do when your editor’s request comes when you have other plans? Let’s start at the beginning.

Take a Moment

First things first, take a moment. My first reaction always closely resembles panic. Maybe not full blown panic but I’m never excited. I don’t jump up and down, clapping my hands. Which is funny because I actually enjoy rewriting. But it takes me a bit of time to change direction.

Take the time that you need to review what you’re being asked to do.

Look at the request and look at your schedule.

Take a Look at Your Schedule

Out-of-town plans have been cancelled for the week. No, this doesn’t have anything to do with omicron. Not too many people head to the lake around New Years. We are usually the only ones there. But a bit part of that is that the weather is iffy.

This week, the prediction includes rain and dropping temperatures. We’d rather deal with that in town.

This means that I’ve got a bit more time to write this week. And I’d already done part of the work on my novel before this came in which means a bit more time to work on the rewrite.

Less Fussing, More Writing

I quickly e-mailed my editor and told her that I think I can do it but I’d like a little wiggle room because of New Years. We’re going to hope for Monday but she will have it by Wednesday at the latest.

The boys ran an errand and I got to work. By the time they got home, I was on chapter 2 or 9.

The key? Butt-in-chair. Or, as my mother would have said – quit fussing and get to work.

I also think that my super hero t-shirt has really helped.