Celebrating I Love to Write Day

Today, November 15, is I Love to Write Day.

This one hangs over my desk.

Some of my friends prefer to write in a coffee shop or at the library. I’ve tried that but I spend far too much time people watching.

Me? My office is my chosen spot. I can sit or stand at my desk and contemplate the scenery. While I edit in the dining room, I prefer to write right here.

I big part of writing is knowing what works for you. That might mean setting aside a whole day to write. Or it could mean working on your novel for fifteen minutes several times a day. One friend drafted her novel in long hand while sitting in her car on lunch breaks. Another has drafted essays on her phone.

I drafted a picture book on the tiny notebook I keep in my purse when we were at the lake. There is no cell service and we weren’t at the lodge. I don’t remember what the boys were doing that I was sitting at the far lake waiting for them.

But I prefer to draft and revise here on my computer. When I write a book for RedLine, I do print out my manuscript to revise. There are always errors that I find in print that I don’t find on screen. I also try to listen to it at least once. Again, for whatever reason there are errors that hear that I do not see either on screen or in print.

Writing is a lot of work but I have to tell you that it is the best job ever. Today I was having a conversation with two friends and tossed out a fact. “How on Earth would you know that?” “I just finished writing a book for third graders on…” I can’t think of many other jobs where I would get to research the Maya, dogs, dinosaurs and platypus.

Writing really is the best job ever.