Protecting Your Time

Wombats, Wombat, Shield, Note, Sign

This has been one of those weeks. I’ve had several editors get back to me with things that need to be done. And I’ve got several extended family members who have figured out that they can ping me through Messenger. It is how my husband and I communicate with our son so it is open in the background.

But Wednesday as I was trying to work — ping ping ping. PING PING. It was an irritating reminder.

A reminder of what? Let me tell you.

Perhaps the most important thing that you have to do if you are going to freelance is learn to protect your time. This is important because even if people understand that you are writing, what they really KNOW is that you are home. And? You are essentially doing nothing.

Friends want to do lunch. Or go to the local organic farm. Coffee? Certainly you have time for coffee. Maybe just stop by for a moment.

Family members know that you are home writing. And they’re busy so if you want X done, you are going to have to do it. They have time to let you know that they don’t have time to do X and to be cheeky about it, but that’s another story.

Once when various people kept calling me instead of figuring things out themselves, my son had friends over gaming. I had a deadline so I gave the teens my cell and the house phone. I told them that I had to write and that if anyone called to tell them I was in Australia herding wombats. They were amazingly excited about getting to tell a wide variety of people that they were sorry but I was in Australia. Just talked to me ten minutes earlier? That’s interesting. Still in Australia herding wombats.

I’m really happy that I saw a reminder about this. Because today and tomorrow when someone tries to give me something to do, a paycheck will have to be included. If not? I’m in Australia, herding wombats. After all, I’ve got another deadline approaching.