Cover Reveal: Writing about Cancel Culture

I love it when I find the cover of an upcoming book online. Here is the cover for my ABDO book, Cancel Culture.

As is so often the case with one of the “Special Reports,” this was a tricky book to write.

First things first, I’m not supposed to take sides. This is supposed to be “nothing but the facts.” I’m actually really good at that and in this case it wasn’t hard to do.

X is the definition of cancel culture.

Y person was cancelled for this reason. It had or did not have an impact.

Second, “Special Reports” are generally current topics. These are the things that you see in the news.

That makes them hard to research. I always start on my library catalogue. When I was researching this book, I found numerous titles about online bullying. Cancel culture? There are books on that topic now but there was nothing when I was doing the research. And none of the books now out are for young readers.

And that’s the best part. This book fills a gap in the market. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!


P.S. My apologies for the short post. I have a book due today. Tappity-tappity-tap. That’s me typing away, making edits and tightening things up.

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