Reading Like a Writer, or the Weekly Library Haul

To the right is a photo of this week’s library haul.

In order of appearance they are:

The Thursday Murder Club. This one is my book club book for next week.

Stealing Home. An interesting looking graphic novel.

History Smashers: The Mayflower. History that hopefully challenges the folklore.

Muddle School. Humorous graphic novel.

Uncommon Grounds. Still more history.

Apollo Murders. A space mystery.

The Smithsonian Book of Space Exploration. Space nonfiction.

Horse Power. A picture book I discovered while looking for something else in the library catalogue.

Beastly Bionics. Browsable nonfiction. I’d like to work on some ideas for this type of book.

Trees. More browsable nonfiction.

My library haul has a tendency to vary from week to week. Sometimes I request books that I see written up in newsletters or articles. Other times I request books that someone else has recommended. Then there are the books that have something to do with ongoing projects or ideas that I’m playing around with.

History and science tend tend to be constants. So do graphic novels and picture books. The beautiful thing is that I can find inspiration just about anywhere. That’s just part of my nature. I’d love to write a browsable nonfiction book. I also adore history. So maybe one of the non-browsable titles in this pile will inspire something of that kind.

When I’m writing fantasy, I don’t tend to read fantasy. I’m not super confident in my fantasy voice and I feel like my reading has a tendency to influence my writing. Mysteries, science fiction and nonfiction don’t pose that kind of problem for me.

I do talk to writers who tell me that they don’t read. “I just don’t like the books that I find.” Really? If you don’t like reading, why are you writing? I just don’t get it. Why not knit or cook or do something else creative.

If you are writing, you should be reading. So, tell me. What is waiting for you at the library?