Publishing Is a Team Sport

Are you ready to be part of a publishing team?
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I just got comments back from my editor on my next book project. In spite of the fact that I didn’t get home until 9:00 pm, I opened the attachment to read through his suggestions. Some of them were picky but I found myself nodding as I read them. His ideas will definitely make for a stronger book, and he also helped me avoid duplicating material that will be in other books in the series.

If you find yourself frowning and fussing about an editor or agents comments, please remember this. Publishing is a team sport.

When I write a book for Red Line, I am generally working with my immediate editor and the series or managing editor. So there are at least two editors. Just to make things interesting, they also pull in a content consultant. This person has expertise in the topic area and reviews the manuscript to double check factual accuracy. At the late stage that this person gets involved, it can be irritating to have to add information or rewrite a chapter, but I’ve worked with content consultants who gave me access to material that had not yet been published. They had access to the data but I did not. I’ve also had content consultants explain things that I misunderstood.

Working on my own, I can write a really good manuscript. My editors help me bring it to the next level. The content consultant, and the fact checkers who come after, make sure that everything is as accurate as possible.

Alone, I would have a really good manuscript. As part of the team, I have a solid book.

Publishing is a team sport. Remember that when you are reading through an editor or agents comments. No, you don’t have to make every suggested change but remember – they want you to produce the best book possible. In my opinion, it is definitely worthwhile to be a part of a team.