Musical Accompaniment

Image by enbuscadelosdragones0 from Pixabay

“You love music. Listen to music while you write.”

So many of my writing friends have play lists for their various projects. They listen to period specific music when writing historical pieces. They listen to culturally appropriate music while working on corresponding stories. I’m sure you get the point. Music is a great way to research your story because people respond so well to music.

But for me that is part of the problem. Yes, I can select music that suits whatever I am writing. But I really like music. I sing along with rock, country, opera, gospel, celtic, and more. Even if I don’t know the language, I can usually figure out a few measures of the melody here and there. Soon I’m humming along.

Even classical instrumental pieces can be a problem. If it is too interesting, I stop and listen. Classical guitar? Pointless. I’m listening to the music, not writing. If I know it too well, I’m humming or singing along.

But I need to meet a deadline today. That means that I had to find something enjoyable but not too enjoyable. And it had to be long enough to help me avoid commercials. Then I remembered that my friend Jane White recommended YouTube because there are entire concertos on Youtube.

My feed includes Liszt, Beethoven, Mozart and Ravel. Fortunately, it didn’t take me long to find a tried and true solution to the music problem — Bach cello. I grew up listening to Yo Yo Ma. I am currently listening to suite No. 1 in G. Bach it is until I meet today’s deadline.

What do you listen to when you write? Nature sounds? Music? White noise? I’m interested in hearing what works for my fellow writers as well as what doesn’t and why. I suspect that we are each wired a bit differently!


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