101 Best Sites for Writers

What is on your list of best web sites?
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Every year Writer’s Digest posts the 101 Best Websites. The list for 2021 is now online. The list is divided into parts including The Best Live Streams, Pod Casts and Youtube Channels; best sites about agents; best sites for markets and jobs; and much, much more. You can find links to the various sublists here.

Here are my thoughts on the various sublists as well as a few additions.

Writing Communities

I’m not at all surprised that NaNoWriMo and The Pitch Wars made the list. They are top notch sites and great communities. But I would definitely recommend the most supportive community that I’ve found online – WOW! Women on Writing. In addition to the blog and newsletters, it is a thriving community of writers who support each other in various ways.

Job and Market Web Sites

Phew. What a relief! The list includes one of my favorites. Funds for Writers is a gem because host Hope Clark is all about helping writers earn a living writing. That means that her markets are PAYING markets. And if she finds out that a market put itself forward as paying but doesn’t, she has no problem with retracting the recommendation and sending a message out to her subscribers.

Genre/Niche Websites

I have nothing to add to this list. I just wanted to point out that it is a great resource for anyone who is just starting out writing for a new-to-them niche or genre. There are resources for mystery writers, historical fiction, and writers of children’s material.

Everything Agent

If you are searching for an agent, this list is a must. Be sure to check out each site especially, my own favorite, Manuscript Wish List.

Sue’s List

We all have our favorite sites. Here are my favorites that didn’t make it on this years list.

WOW! Women on Writing

I already told you about this one but be sure to check it out for the inspirational blog, contests, newsletters, and more. This is a great resource and source of support.

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is a great place to go look around. You’ll find free photos as well as film and music clips. There are also guides with lists of resources on various topics and videos from the National Book Festival each year.

St. Louis County Library

I would be amiss if I didn’t include the site for my library system. I visit it every day to check out books, audiobooks and movies. Or I’m doing research looking up academic articles on my latest topic.

What sites would you include on a “best” list?