Cover Reveal!

The Who by Sue Bradford Edwards

I am so excited to get to share this with you! Abdo Publishing just released the cover for my January 2022 book, The Who. Click through to see an interior spread.

Books have multiple birthdays.

  • There’s the cover reveal. Check.
  • There’s the day you get your author copies. Waiting . . . waiting . . .
  • And there’s the day it is available for readers to purchase. This one is also in the future.

The book is one in a six book series on Classic Rock Bands. The other bands are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen and the Rolling Stones.

As much as I love Queen, I’m glad someone else took that one. Writing a book shortly after the movie on Freddie Mercury came out would have meant having to sort out movie facts from . . . facts.

The Stones would have been a lot of fun to do too. But The Who would have been my first choice no matter what. They were my first band-crush. Sure, I came to also love the Stones, Queen, SuperTramp, and the Stray Cats but the Who came first.

The book doesn’t come out until January 2022 so we have a while to wait. I don’t know what you’ll be doing between now and then but in the past 2 weeks, I’ve signed 3 contracts for 3 different books.

One is for third graders. Two more are for tweens but written at a 4th grade level. That makes them hi-lo or high interest level and low reading level. Hi-lo books are tricky because you have to introduce ideas slowly and keep the vocabulary fairly basic. But you also need to write about what interests tweens. When I finish both of these, I’ll have four hi-lo books on my list.

If you are interested in how to write hi-lo, let me know. It is a topic I’d be happy to cover.


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