How to Publish Multiple Books in One Year

Last week, I read Rajani LaRocca’s Writer’s Digest Post “How I Managed to Get Six Books Published in 2021.” What an inspiration! My year for six books was 2018 when Meth (Abdo, 2018), Steroids (Abdo, 2018), The Debate about the Electoral College (Focus Readers, 2018), Advertising Overload (Abdo, 2018) which was co-authored with Duchess Harris, The Dakota Access Pipeline (Abdo, 2018), and What Are Race and Racism?  (Abdo, 2018) all came into print.

Unless you self-publish all of your work, you aren’t going to be able to entirely control when things come out. Still, there are things that you can do to set yourself up for success.

Look for Reasons to Write

So many people put off writing. The kids are off school. There’s a wedding this year. Or a pandemic. Granted, there will be times that you simply can not write. But what you need to look for are those times that you can write. Because if you don’t write it, you can’t publish it.

# of Manuscripts

You can’t work on just one manuscript either. I say this because I know writers who have been writing and rewriting the same manuscript, or the same 4 manuscripts, for years. You need to have numerous projects and . . .

You Need to Submit Your Work

If you have an agent, you’ll need to find an agent who is willing to send out your work. No kidding? Isn’t that what agents do? Yes, but a lot of agents want to market one or two things at a time. If they have a high success rate with your work, this can still work for you because when they sell one thing they can start marketing another.

If you don’t have an agent, you need to get your own work out there in front of the editors or . . .

Write for a Packager

I wrote all of the above books through Red Line Editorial. Publishers approach them with a series idea, including a list of titles. Red Line finds writers to take on the various titles. You can get a lot of work this way. If you want to write your own nonfiction, you can still . . .

Write Series Nonfiction

When publishers, especially publishers who sell to the school library market, put out a nonfiction series, they don’t generally want to put out one book at a time. They publish four or more books at once. This can add up quickly but that means you also need to be able to write quickly.

Answer “Yes”

When a publisher, packager, or editor says, “Can you write…?” If it is at all possibly, you need to answer YES! I’m not saying that you need to say yes to everything, after all, I don’t. But more often than not, my answer is “Yes, I’d be happy to write that book and thank you.”

It’s how I had 6 books come out in 2018.


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