4 Places to Look for Ideas

Pixabay Puffin

“Where do you get your ideas?”

For me, the better question is where don’t I go? I once told someone that I’d have to walk aroud with a bucket on my head not to get ideas. Wouldn’t you know, what was the quote she decided to use?

But it is true. The world is a constant source of ideas. That said, I know that statement is so broad that it is useless. Here are four very specific places that you can go for ideas.

The National Day Calendar

One of my favorites is the National Day Calendar. You can find it here. Between June 24 and June 25, you have:

  • National Take Your Dog to Work Day
  • National Leon Day – which marks the point 6 months from Christmas (Noel – Leon, get it?)
  • National Strawberry Parfait Day

Each of these could easily become a nonfiction piece, a picturte book, or an element within a novel. There are so many interesting observances!


Pixabay Macaw

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pixabay, this site makes photos available for public use. I’ll leave it up to you to read up on how to credit the photos because we are talking about something else entirely.

Sometimes I just go to the home page and look at new photos. As I am writing this, photos on the home page include a puffin (left above) and a macaw (right). Click on one photo and you can quickly access additional photos with the same tag.

If you are visual, this is something of a rabbit hole. There are people, animals, places and even fantasy paintings.

Library of Congress

Another great place to get lost is the Library of Congress site. You can look up things that interest you or, one of my favorites, is to scroll down the front page to trending items.

As I write this, these selections include information on the National Book Festival, the reopening of the Jefferson Building, upcoming in person and online exhibitions and more.

Scroll further down the home pages and you get items that are “Free to Use and Reuse.” At the moment, these are “Historic Sites.” My favorite? Drawings from a survey of the Taos Pueblo.

Nonfiction Ninjas

None of this grabs your attention? Not to worry. Stephanie Bearce wrote a great post on the Nonfiction Ninjas blog. The post is a list of great places to find ideas. It includes Accidental Science (yes!), Forgotten History, Inventors and much more.

If you have internet access, a story idea is never more than a few mouse-clicks away!


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