Wooftastic Books interviews Sue Edwards …

For today’s post, I’m reposting an interview that I did with Wooftastic books. Check out their dog-crazy book blog.

Being interviewed was a very different experience from doing the interviewing.  But I’m glad I’ve been the interviewer so many time.  I think it helped me give answers that were both complete and specific.


Kids love facts. They especially love it when they know something an adult in their life doesn’t know.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your books …

I am a nonfiction author who writes for the school library market. This means that the majority of my books are series titles and I write up to two books in the series. The publisher develops the series idea and invites various authors to write the books. This is work for hire writing which means that I get paid a fixed amount per title. It is a great gig because I know students are reading my books.

You’ve published a couple of dog books for children. What are they about?

I was invited to write two books in a series about dog hybrids. They showed me the list and I choseLabradoodle: Labrador Retrievers Meet PoodlesandPuggle: Pugs Meet Beagles.They…

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