Taking Classes

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Online classes pose a problem for me. There are so many and I want to take them all. They are my way to recharge.

Or, at least, they used to be. I’ve dropped the last two that I enrolled in. They just weren’t fun!

The first is a foreign language class. Daily lessons. Trick questions. And . . . boredom. I just didn’t find it interesting.

The second class was too great a commitment. Between video lectures, readings, worksheets and quizes, there were 40 to 50 items to deal with each week. And the quizes? There was a lot of psychology involved. You had to figure out why they were asking X question, in part based on the title of the following lecture, and then you could frequently puzzle your way to the right answer.

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Thanks but no thanks. That just isn’t fun.

There are three classes that I’m currently considering.

  • How Things Work: An Introduction to Physics. This one is being offered through Coursera and is a University of Virginia class. I really enjoyed the class on Thomas Jefferson that I took through the university. Yeah, I’m that kind of geek. Academic brand loyalty.
  • Fundamentals of Chinese Character Writing. This is also through Coursera and is a Saint Petersburg State University class. Unfortunately I can’t find out what materials are required until I sign up. Still, I’m tempted. I’ve never done calligraphy with a brush before.
  • Creative Doodling. Yep. This one is a craft class offered through my library’s Creativebug account. It’s a little different from the other two but I have to admit that Coursera has been less fun for me since 2020.
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Why am I liking Coursera less? I think it has something to do with the insane number of webinars available. Yes, they are wonderful. But . . .

I’m not sure. Am I spending too much time online? I don’t think that is the case but I am a hardcore introvert. I need time alone. And in the past 18 month, I was alone for 2 days in November.

I sense a class in creative doodling in my near future.