Tips on How to Focus

tips on how  to focus

I’ve got a book due Friday so, no big surprise, I’ve been thinking a lot about needing to focus. Love the infographic above although I don’t agree 100%.

This time of year, 90% of my struggle to focus is seasonal allergies. That means that I need to stay hydrated and, if I still feel like rot, take something. No, really. It does no good to talk about it. I have to do it. This might not be essential for everyone, but my teeth actually hurt when things are bad.

Yes, yes, yes on the headset. Classical music is a must although I have been told by my husband and office partner that I can sing to Bach cello instrumentals. Can and do. What can I say? I like music.

Shutting everything off is also vastly important. Yes, I can ignore email and Facebook and Twitter. But way too many people know when I am at my desk and they message me. Seeing that tab blinking is way too distracting!

Pets? No. No. And again, no. Pets do not help my focus. Maybe this is because I have a senior cat. At 21 she is a complete nag. When she isn’t on your lap, she yowls. When she is on your lap, she stands on the keyboard to see what is in your cup. Coffee? What about the fresh water? And when she doesn’t like what is in your cup, she knocks it over.

Have I said that she is not relaxing?

But I’ve also learned to periodically just give her my chair. My monitor and keyboard are on an adjustable standing desk. She takes my chair. I stand up and work. And that along with music? That really helps my focus.

What helps yours?


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