3 Reasons to Recharge

My gardening buddy – Pollen Bee.

The next two weeks are going to be super busy. I’ve got a deadline this Friday and another on June 7th. But I’m making sure to spend time outside every day.

The more work I have to do the more important this becomes.

Refuel Energy Levels

Writing may not involve a lot of hefting or hammering but it does use up a lot of energy. Time spent away from my desk is one of the best ways to refuel.

What I chose depends on how much time I have and . . . well, 2020. How much do I really need to explain?

Ideally, time away from my desk can mean taking a day trip to the Botanical Garden or hiking at Elephant Rock. But it can also be as simple as baking cookies, cooking a brilliant soup, or working on the garden.

Refuel My Senses

In writing, details matter. They can pull your reader in and make a scene more realistic. They can make your writing lyrical and poetic.

The easiest sense to include is sight. As a result, we write about how things look. But when I’m outside, I’m getting a feel for how things sound – the wind in the leaves and the difference between the buzz of a humming bird or a pollen-laden bee. Hint: The humming bird actually sounds annoyed. I get a feel for how things smell – heat and sun on leaves, bruised sage or chives, even grass. And there’s movement. Sitting at your desk you miss out on movement which leads me to . . .

Refuel Your Body

Simply put, motion is good for us. Have you noticed how much better you think after you get up and move around? How a walk generates story ideas? Or maybe you’ve reached the point that whenever you sit, the first few steps after you stand are a bit stiff and staggery. We need motion to lubricate our joints.

I’m not saying that you need to get up and run a mile. But every 30 or so minutes, get up. Do some stretches. Run downstairs and move the laundry to the drier. Check the mailbox. Run something out to the recycling. Even something small will help.

A bit deadline can tempt me to stay at my desk. I have to get it done! There is so much to accomplish!

But the longer I stay there, the less effective I am. I work much better when I move. Not only do I have the benefits of the motion itself, but I know that in 15 minutes, I’m going to be getting up. Time is limited so focus!

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What do you do to reenergize?


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