Introverts: Prepare to Recharge

“Hey, Mom. The CDC says that we don’t need to wear masks anymore.”

Really? I have to admit that I’m vaccinated (4 more days until I’m fully charged), but I’m hesitant to jump back into everything.

Part of that is because, like many writers, I am an introvert through and through. Yes, I can go to workshops and conferences and have a great time socializing. I can even present.

But when I’m done? I’m done. Many of the writers that I know are the same way so I’d like to encourage you to do what you need to do to preserve your energy levels in the coming days. I suspect that there will still be a lot of on-line opportunities and commitments for a while. But as in-person events come back onto our calendars we are going to have to be careful. In light of that, here are 3 things to remember.

Don’t overcommit.

Between family events, friend events, church events, school events and writing events, there could be a lot going on. It is going to be tempting to say yes to quite a bit. After all, we’ve been saying NO for a year plus. But don’t overcommit. Preserve your energy!

If you hesitate, put off the decision.

When someone invites you to do something and you find yourself hesitating, pay attention to this. Make this part of your go-to reaction to an invitation. “Let me check with (significant other/goldfish/ficus) and get back to you.” Helpful extroverts often manage to convince introverts that we need to be less introverted. Stuff and nonsense.

Be willing to say no.

You are a writer. You need energy to write. You need time to write. This means that sometimes you are going to want to say NO to an invitation. Sometimes you are going to have to say NO.

And? That’s okay. You are, after all, a writer. We’re like unicorns. Aloof. Mythical. More than a little stand-offish. But that’s okay.

Give yourself the space you need to create!