Podcasts: Learn about Writing and Find Inspiration

Recently a group of writers were discussing favorite pod casts. While I sample writing pod casts, they are not my favorites.

My favorites are informational and cover a wide range of topics. They include:

It is amazing how often I come away from one of these podcasts with a writing idea.

Writing podcasts are a great way to learn about writing and marketing, especially if you are interested in indie publishing. Here are some of those on my feed, in no particular order:

  • DIY MFA Radio. Gabriela Pereira hosts this podcast that offers a weekly interview with authors and experts in the publishing industry.
  • The Manuscript Academy. Another podcast that offers interviews. These are with agents, editors and authors. About writing, business, and the publishing community.
  • Helping Writers Become Authors. Author K. M. Weiland’s podcast on inspiration and craft.
  • Writing for Children. Katie Davis hosts the Institute of Children’s Literature podcast that is up to 241 episodes.

I listen to podcasts while I do dishes and fold laundry. Knitting is also a good time to listen. If I haven’t included your favorite, please add it in the comments below.


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