Children’s Books and Earth Day

The Tree Lady by H. Joseph Hopkins

In celebration of Earth Day, I just read The Tree Lady by H. Joseph Hopkins, illustrated by Jill McElmurry. It is about Kate Sessions, a girl who grows into a woman who is passionate about trees. She is such a ground breaker that she even earned a college degree in science in 1881 from the University of California.

As an adult, she moved to San Diego to teach. This desert city was barren, without trees. Even City Park was tree free and not really a park at all. People used the land to graze their cattle. It was also where they dumped trash. Sessions did her research and brought in desert trees. As she planted trees in the park, people also bought trees from her, planting them at their homes.

When I picked it up, I didn’t realize it was about Balboa Park, formerly City Park, in San Dieogo. I love that park. And this book? I love it too.

Do you have a project that would be perfect for an Earth Day market? There are so many things that you could write about.

  • Conservation. This could include trees, water or soil. Animals and returning various species to the wild.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle. You don’t hear this phrase all that often any more but people still talk about it using different terms. Minimalist living. Upcycling. Repurposing. What new could you bring to this conversation?
  • Social justice. When my husband and I started working with the Presbyterian Church green committees, we learned what a big part of the whole process social justice is. Why? Because the poor seldom have easy access to resources and frequently live in polluted areas.

No matter what you like to write, whether it is fiction, history, science or activities, you can find a way to work in an Earth Day theme. Why not start brainstorming something today?


Podcasts: Learn about Writing and Find Inspiration

Recently a group of writers were discussing favorite pod casts. While I sample writing pod casts, they are not my favorites.

My favorites are informational and cover a wide range of topics. They include:

It is amazing how often I come away from one of these podcasts with a writing idea.

Writing podcasts are a great way to learn about writing and marketing, especially if you are interested in indie publishing. Here are some of those on my feed, in no particular order:

  • DIY MFA Radio. Gabriela Pereira hosts this podcast that offers a weekly interview with authors and experts in the publishing industry.
  • The Manuscript Academy. Another podcast that offers interviews. These are with agents, editors and authors. About writing, business, and the publishing community.
  • Helping Writers Become Authors. Author K. M. Weiland’s podcast on inspiration and craft.
  • Writing for Children. Katie Davis hosts the Institute of Children’s Literature podcast that is up to 241 episodes.

I listen to podcasts while I do dishes and fold laundry. Knitting is also a good time to listen. If I haven’t included your favorite, please add it in the comments below.