What’s an ARC?

An ARC of Greenwood Gone: Henry’s Story

Look what I got in the mail! An ARC of Greenwood Gone: Henry’s Story by Sioux Roslawski. This is one of the books being published by Editor-911 Books. This new publisher is the latest endeavor by WOW! Women on Writing buddy Margo Dill. It isn’t often that you know both the author and the editor/publisher.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term ARC, it stands for advanced reading copy. These previews are produced and distributed before a book goes to print. Publishers share them with people they hope will review the book and discuss it on social media. It is one way of creating buzz and spreading the word.
Publishers give them away.

So if you see an ARC for sale, don’t buy it.
Not only did the person get it for free, this isn’t the final book. The editor, author, and copy editor are still making final changes, fixing printing errors, and adding graphics, back matter and the finishing touches.

That said, if you see a publisher giving them away, sign up! It is a great way to scoop your fellow readers. Just make sure to review the book on Amazon, Goodreads and even post on Facebook. Remember an ARC is a marketing tool.

When you write your review, remember that this is not the final book.

  • Quotes might change slightly.
  • The cover might change. The one above is paperback. This is the case even with books that will be hardbound.
  • Any back matter like a glossary, maps and other material may still need to be added.

An ARC gives you the opportunity to spread the word and share with fellow book lovers. Tell them what you loved. Tell them what stuck with you. Tell them why you would recommend the book.

Me? I learned something just reading the back copy. I can’t wait to dig into this reading experience.


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