3 Ways to Deal with Rejection

I love the ease and convenience of electronic submissions. I am much less fond of electronic rejections. In the olden days, if I didn’t get a rejection letter when the mail carrier came, I wasn’t going to get a rejection letter that day. Now? Ping – ping – ping. I’ve got mail. It could be a coupon from Half Price Books or it could be a rejection letter.

That’s what I got today. Both the coupon and the rejection letter. Actually I got two rejection letters in five minutes. Oh, lucky me! Some times rejection just rolls off your back. Other days it is like a smack in the face. But there are things you can do to cope.

Feel the Feelings

I’m not going to tell you to ignore how you are feeling. That is, in my opinion, unhealthy. So go ahead and feel whatever you are feeling. If this rejection really hit you hard, ask yourself why. These two were a smack in the head but I knew exactly what the problem was. It was dinner time and my blood sugar was probably a tad low.

Other possible issues might be if the rejection is from your dream agent or market. Or this is a piece you really believe in and is deeply personal. Identify the feelings but don’t hold them too tight. Because you are going to set a . . .

Time Limit

Your feeling is valid but don’t let it take over. Rejection is a part of this business but that doesn’t mean you need to coddle it and give it a room. Set a time limit.

A friend of mine limits her ill will to two days. I told myself I could be a punk for an evening and that was all. So I set about doing what it takes to move on.

Find a New Market

Be ready to send your work out again. This means finding another market that is a good fit.

I already knew where I would send both pieces next. I just had to make certain the markets were open. And they are! So tomorrow morning I will send them out.

On second thought, I’ll send one in the morning. I’ll wait until after lunch to send the second one. That way maybe they’ll be spaced a bit farther apart in the queue.


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