5 Ways to Recharge

Plague doctor

Last week I saw an article about 7 things to avoid doing when you are stressed. Honestly, I was a little surprised that people needed to be told not to drink to excess and spend days at a time in their pajamas. It seemed like it might be more beneficial to tell people what to do.

Check Something Off

It feels like a lot of 2020 has beeen pretty futile. You plan for a birthday and your area goes on lockdown. Vacations? Nope. When so much seems out of your control, check something off your to do list. We painted out patio roof supports. I’m also cleaning out various cabinets and cartons. Check, chunk, check.

Do Something Creative

Me? I like to do handwork. I made those afghan squares and the amigurumi plague doctor. Yeah, that seemed like a no-brainer in 2020. I have a friend who quilts. Another friend beads. My brother-in-law gardens.

Afghan squares

Spend Time with Friends

We may not be able to meet face-to-face but get together with your friends. This coming week, I’ve got a critique group meeting and a mystery group meeting. I’m looking forward to both. My son games online with his friends. Pick up the phone and call a friend or text them. Connect!

Consume Media

Some people like dramas or adventure movies. I like to laugh but I don’t often watch straight-up comedies. I like mysteries with humor. My husband and I have been watching Death in Paradise. My son likes animated series. Laughing really is an amazing way to recharge!

Plan Something for Someone Else

Plan something? In 2020? Yes, in 2020. But keep it do-able. I’ve been texting my cousins and ordering books for their kids for Christmas. I love helping young readers find books. I’ve introduced half a dozen kids to The Dot, Mother Bruce, and Olivia.

Whether you have an ongoing project or want to start something new, spend some time over the next couple of days recharging your creative batteries. That way you’ll be ready to write when Monday comes around.