Book Covers: The Impeachment of Donald Trump and Coronavirus: The COVID-19 Pandemic

Saturday I got the author’s copies of my two most recent books: The Impeachment of Donald Trump and Coronavirus: The COVID-19 Pandemic.  I just had to be a little silly when we took the photo.  It just felt a little ridiculous to smile and look happy while holding these two titles.

When I turned in the final chapter of the coronavirus book, that was it.  I didn’t have any more book contracts in the works.  That was back in early June.

So I worked on picture books and my novel.  I roughed out two chapters to pitch with a proposal for the middle grade nonfiction Wild Cities.

But last Thursday I landed a new contract.  No, I can’t reveal wthat it is.  Let’s just say it is every bit as chipper as many of my books.

So why do I write books about difficult topics?  There are a number of reasons.

That’s What They Ask Me to Write

These are the topics that my editors at RedLine ask me to take on, but that is because . . .

These Are the Books Young Readers Need

We consider certain topics tough because it can be hard to find information on these issues.  Also, a lot of adults avoid discussing these topics with young readers.  If they do, their approach is often pretty biased.  Think about a kid asking their parents about The Impeachment of Donald Trump.  Supporter or no, it is hard to imagine any unbiased answers.  Kids need books about tough topics so that they can find answers.  But I like to think there is one more reason to write these books.

This Is What I’m Good At

Hopefully this isn’t the only thing I’m good at.  Not to worry.  I know there are other things I’m good at doing.  But I’m good at this and, as we discussed, a lot of adults aren’t.

So today I’m tackling another difficult topic.  Step 1 – the outline.