3 Creative Ways to Promote Your Book

How do you promote your books when buyers can’t come to events and you can’t do school visits?  Authors who have had books come out in 2020 have gotten creative.  Here are 5 of my favorites.

An Online Scavenger Hunt

To promote his book, Into the Clouds, about a 1953 attempt to reach the summit of K2, Tod Olson has created an online scanvenger hunt.  He gives the reader a bit of information about the story found in his book.  Then he asks a question.  Readers search for the answer and then key it in.  Answer by answer, in this interactive quiz, they make their way up the mountain.

This might not work for your book but you could do a visual scavenger hunt – identify these animals, find these art objects, and more.  Take a look at your book and you’re bound to come up with ideas.

A Giveaway

Olson has a giveaway for Into the Clouds on the last page of his scavenger hunt.  I’ve seen other giveaways for all of an author’s preceding books.  Last year, I won a copy of Sharon Mayhew’s Keep Calm and Carry On, Children with accompanying British snacks.

Get creative! If your main character is a knitter, give away the book and a knitting pattern and the yarn needed to make it.

Teach Them Something

Mo Willems has been doing a series of videos where he shows his viewers how to draw something specific, such as The Pigeon.  Debbie Ridpath Ohi has done similiar videos.  She also has a series of images she has made that feature found objects – a broken crayon, a flower petal and more.

Not an illustrator?  Neither am I.  But you can teach your readers to do things that are integral to your books such as draw a map, build a platform to feed birds, or make their own invisible ink.

What you do to promote your book will depend on your book itself.  Brainstorm some ideas and then see which ones you should tackle first.  There are young readers out there desperate to make a connection.