Poetry and a Book Give Away

What’s better than tigers? How about a picture book about a tiger?

When David Harrison commented on his blog that he still owed his son a poem about tigers, fellow author Jane Yolen responded.  Soon the two were spinning an idea for a poetic picture book about a tiger.

The good news is that their picture book, Rum Pum Pum is coming out on September 15, 2020.  Even better news?  You can win a copy here at Kathy Temean’s blog.

That’s one of the great things about poetry and picture books.  A picture book can be a poem.  A poem can be a picture book.

Although I love the wordplay in picture books, I only dabble in poetry once in a while.  And by dabble I mean play with writing.  I will dash off a poem as a writing exercise.  Every now and then an idea will pop into my head that is clearly a poem.  Will any of these ideas become picture books?

Definitely not the one I was play with this weekend.  It is a poem in two voices about the things people fear although these things aren’t a serious threat vs the things people do not fear although they probably should.

But I did come up with an idea for a children’s poem while watching the Kid Lit Distancing Social with David Harrison.  He was talking about children’s poetry, which is no shock given the amount he writes, when a new form popped into my head.

Is it really a new form?  I don’t know because I haven’t done the research on it yet.  It is just something I’m having fun playing with although it could become something.  And even if it doesn’t I’m having fun playing with it.  And as I have fun playing with my writing, more and more ideas pop into my head.  One is an adult short story, quite possibly flash fiction.  Another is a picture book.

Writing something I don’t plan to sell is a great way to stretch my creative muscles.



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