Labor Day: Expanding Your Horizons

We didn’t get to spend the entire weekend out of town but we did make a run down to the lake.  I have to say that it was amazing to get out of the city and spend a day without a mask.  I had it in my pocket but we only saw people in the dining room (1 family per table) and on the patio on which we could all spread out.

When you live in the city, it can be hard to remember that there really are places like this.  Trees and sky.  Gravel roads and greenery.  People?  Not so very many.

I try to remember this when I’m tempted to state that no one lives in small towns any more.  And everywhere is cell phone accessible.  Not where we were.  We were someplace where people farm and hunt to eat.

It is super easy to think you know how these people think, but you might be wrong.  Sure, we passed a log home with a Trump banner flying from the front porch.  But the house next door had a sign that said “Missourian’s for Biden.” Down in this part of the country I’ve met trappers with chemistry degrees and carpenters with an enviable knowledge of history.

Not only does this part of the country help me recharge, it helps me check my assumptions.   And I get a taste of the animals I love writing about.  This weekend we saw a blue heron, a turkey vulture and what was probably an immature bald eagle.  I talked to a fourteen-year-old who saw a bob cat two months ago.  He also told me there are otters in the area although he hasn’t seen them.  Like me, he was glad to take off his mask and spend some time in the sunshine.

This is definitely something I’ll be doing more often.