Three Tips to Help Increase Your Productivity

The past week or so, I’ve noticed that not only has my productivity flagged, midday is a monster.  Not a ravenous beast but more of a big, sleepy, nap-taking monster.  I probably spend more of the hour after lunch fantasizing about taking a nap than I do actually writing.

Today was better but today I also had an epiphany.  I have a standing desk.  I can work at it seated or standing and it has been quite a while since I kicked it up to standing. I did that today and . . . I was much more productive.  So that leads us to tip #1 for productivity.

Stand to Work.

I’m not suggesting that you should stand all day.  But stand for twenty minutes or so throughout the time you normally work.  Those of us who spend a lot of time sitting to work also develop sciatica which is pressure on the sciatic nerve.   Standing will help you avoid this.

Shift Position Often

Today I read a blog post by my friend Lynnea who is also a life coach.  Lynnea wrote about working standing up, using a variety of standing desks and other work surfaces.  As explained by Lynnea, standing to work is helpful because most of us don’t stand still.  Moving around frequently helps oxygenate our bodies and increases both health and producitivity.

Give Yourself Grace

Recognize that you are working through a situation that you could never have planned for.  Give yourself a little grace.  This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to work but schedule in family time.  My family and I watched all of the Harry Potter movies and all of the Star Wars movies.  My husband and I game together.  I’m working on a puzzle and knitting.  A happy writer is generally much more productive than an unhappy writer.  Develop new habits that lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face.



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