3 Ways to Stop Getting in Your Own Way

Don’t get in your own way.

We creative types tend to be complex.  We love to create.  Sometimes.  We want to publish.  But we don’t send out our work.  Our excuses are legion.  Fortunately, there are three things that we can do to get out of our own way.

Identify the Problem.

Some people research, falling down that rabbit hole and never coming back out.  Other people are certain that just one more draft is necessary to make their work perfect.  Some of us would send it in if only we could find the perfect market.  Before you can fix it, you need to realize what you are doing where.  Me?  I need to turn loose of the idea that there is a perfect golden goose of an agent.  Yes, I need to find an agent that is a good fit.  But I need to quit finding excuses not to submit.  Identify your problem and own it.

Accept the Idea that There Will Be Rejections.

Your work will get rejected.  No one sells every piece that they send out.  And that’s okay.  You have to get your work in front of the right person and the right moment and this won’t happen if you don’t send it out.  Rejections are just part of the job.  Accept that and head toward them.

Determine Your Next Step.

Whether you are working to break into magazines or writing a novel, redesigning your web site or updating your blog, writing involves a lot of big jobs.  You don’t have to consider them at all once.  Determine your next step and then take it.  Step-by-step.

I’m not sure why we creatives spend so much time sabotaging ourselves, but we do.  The good news is that you can break the habit and move forward.  Just pick a direction, acknowledge that there will be rejection, and start the journey step by step.


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