5 Places to Find Inspiration

Where do you get your ideas?”  That’s a question I dread because, I suspect, that my answer is atypical.  I find them wherever I happen to be, whatever I am reading, watching or paying attention to.  And my own story idea is often fairly unrelated to what inspired me.

For the past two days, I haven’t been feeling all that great.  So I spent this morning with grumble gut sprawled on the sofa.  While I crocheted, I listened to The Splended and the Vile, a book that focuses on Churchill and England during WWII.  I have had no less than three story ideas pop into my head while listening to this.  One was thoroughly substandard so I didn’t write it in my journal.  One I wrote down in my journal.  And the third I roughed this afternoon.  It has absolutely nothing to do with Churchill, England, WWII, or aeroplanes.

So where should you look for inspiration?  Among the things that interest.

  1. Look for ideas while you read books you enjoy. You never know when some side comment while inspire a book or article idea.
  2. Pay attention when you are watching movies . . .
  3. Or documentaries.  Some background event or character may grab your attention.
  4. Take notes when something throws you.  Sometimes I read something wrong and have to scroll back.  “There is no way that said…”  Other times I’ll click on a story or request a book only to discover that what I thought I had found is something else entirely.  The piece I wanted to read?  I jot that down.
  5. Doing tedious tasks.  Yes, you read that right.  Scrubbing the shower, weeding or watering the garden are highly inspirational because when I do things like this my mind wanders.  And when it wandered last night while hauling water to the new apple trees, I came away with an even better ending for my new picture book.

Ideas are everywhere.



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