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June 5, 2020

Talking about Race

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I have written five books about race: Black Lives Matter, The Murders of Tupac and Biggie, Hidden Human Computers, What Are Race and Racism?, and The Dakota Access Pipeline.  So many people hear these titles and look puzzled.  “I thought you wrote for kids?”  These books are for tweens and teens, but even that makes many people uncomfortable.

And I get it.  I was raised in a largely white, Catholic suburb.  There were things one simply did not talk about until we did.  When a neighboring school district merged with the district I was in, it brought in a whole different group of people in terms of economics, religion and race.  The district decided to desegregate and put us on buses.  I was at a school in the “black” part of the district for two years.

But a lot of my friends didn’t go.  Their families moved.  Adults told me that I was going to get cut.  Terrified, I went to my parents who sat me down and made it clear that no kid was going to come after me just because I was white and they were black.  That idea was racist and on and on we talked.

If you are wondering what children are prepared to understand about race and racism, check out the graphic above.  It includes a list of sites you can use to prepare yourself for writing and talking about race and racism with young readers.  There will be uncomfortable moments but that’s okay.  Young readers need writers who are willing to discuss reality.



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