Memorial Day

I hope you are taking some time to recharge and recenter yourself today.

Most Memorial Day weekends, my family spends the weekend in the country. We roam forests, fields and gravel roads.  We stare into the open blue sky.  We remind ourselves that in addition to fighting for the Flag and Freedom, our veterans were fighting for forests, open skies and gravel roads, deserts, mountain tops and sun-dappled swamps.

Sadly, today we are going to be attending a memorial service for a friend who died of COVID-19.*  But it is appropriate that we have her service today.  She and her husband are both veterans,

Hope you’ve spent some time this weekend doing something to help you recharge and center so that you can come back tonorrow ready to write!


*We are going to be social distancing.  Our pastor is serious about safety as is his wife, the medical doctor.  Not sure how this is going to work.  My skittish self will likely volunteer to be outside.