Four Tips to Help You Take Action Now

When I have a deadline, I work toward it.  I meet it.  And then I find myself drifting around the house, cleaning floors, dusting and baking.  My family really appreciates the baking. With my last deadline on the near horizon, I’ve been contemplating what I can do to get my writing-life in gear.  Monday I was fortunate to read Rachelle Gardner’s post, Find What You Control, And Take Action.

An agent, Gardner admits that at the moment quite a bit is out of our control.  While that was the case last year, it is even more so now and we are feeling it.  She reminds us that people are reading more than ever so we writers are essential.  What we need to do is figure out what we can control and take action.

Here are tips to help you do this.

Learn something new.  I am always energized when I am learning and now is a great time to take advantage of many of the free learning opportunities online.  You can learn about writing with free webinars.  You can learn about marketing your work whether through bookstores or online.  Or you can just take a fun class.  Whenever I take a free Coursera class on history or science, I come way with a list of new writing ideas.

Read!  One of the great things about being a writer is that reading is a part of our work.  We learn from reading other writers.  Wednesday afternoon I finished Letter to My Daughter by Maya Angelou.  If you can get the audio book that is read by Angelou herself, I highly recommend it because each piece is written and read in her voice.

Write.  This one can be tough. I have to admit that as I work on my cozy and try to craft scenes with people gathering together I find myself thinking, “Will things still be like this?”  My solution?  I’ve been working on picture book manuscripts and brainstorming a piece of historic fiction.

Submit.  While we don’t know exactly what tomorrow will bring, we can still send our work out. I got serious about my agent search and have a list of people to send my work.

While we can’t predict the future, there are things we can do.  There are  editors and agents who want our work.


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