3 Ways to Get Back into a Writing Project

A cup of the main character’s favorite tea.

For the last 10 weeks, I’ve been working on the Trump impeachment book and the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now it is time for me to get back into several projects that have been sieting around waiting.

10 weeks.  That’s a lengthy time apart.  Here are five things that you can do to get back into a project.

Read the last several pages.  It has been just over two months since I spent any time with this character or in this story world.  Looking at my notes, everything felt only vaguely familiar.  So I need to set my outline aside and read my last chapter.  This isn’t a time to rewrite so I’m going to put my keyboard aside and use the scroll wheel on my mouse.  I need to resist the urge to ‘fix’ anything until I have a feel for where I am.

Revisit your inspiration.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll go back to what inspired the original story.  That’s going to be tricky because it was inspired by two of my choir friends and the fun we have in choir.  But with social distancing, we don’t have choir right now.  Fortunately, I have my folder of music and my hymnal so now might be a good time to sing with a recording or two.

Share something your character loves.  Like my son, my character is a tea drinker.  This would be a good time to make a pot of chai and get out my Russian tea glasses.  They always feel a bit indulgent but she’s worth it!  My character also spends time working in the community garden.  Next weekend, my husband and one of the elders will be planting our garden.  I may invite myself along!

Find some way to immerse yourself in the world of your story.  Look at photos.  Cook a favorite dish.  Read.  And then sit down to write.  You don’t have to write pages and pages.  Start with ten minutes.  Who know?  You may want to write for 20!