6 Opportunities for Writers Looking for Agents

If you are one of the many writers, myself included, seeking representation here are 6 opportunities.  One of them may be the right one for you.

Raven Quill Literary Agency is a new agency founded in 2020.  The agents are:

  • Jacqui Lipton (middle grade and young adult fiction and nonfiction)
  • Kelly Dyksterhouse
  • Kortney Price (picture book through young adult)
  • Lori Steel (children’s and YA literature)

Maria Rogers is an associate agent at the Tobias Literary Agency.

  • She represents nonfiction.
  • She is interested in science writing.
  • She wants to find work that will engage young readers in nonfiction topics.

Erin Clyburn is an associate agent at the Jennifer de Chiara Literary Agency.

  • In picture books, she is interested only in nonfiction.
  • She wants to sign a high-concept chapter book series.
  • Graphic novels
  • Magical realism

Abigail Frank is an associate agent at Sandford J. Greenburger Associates

  • Novels with unforgettable teens falling in love.
  • Chapter books with amazing voice.
  • Original picture books

Erin Files of Aevitas

  • Upmarket young adult or middle grade fiction.
  • Issue-driven stories.
  • Nonfiction in psychology, history, or popular science.

Bibi Lewis is an associate agent at the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency

  • Fiction and nonfiction
  • Picture books through young adult.
  • Fiction with a strong hook.
  • Well-developed fictional characters

As always, before you submit to an agent find out as much about them as you can.  Look at what they like/read and who else they represent.  Newer agents can be a good opportunity since they frequently have fewer clients.  Personally, I think upbeat or humorous stories will be easier to sell right now but that’s just my two cents.  Take your cue from what they post and what they have to say about their work.

And, if you choose to submit, good luck!


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