Two of my Upcoming Books

Last week I was grabbing a quick breakfast before heading into work.  Translation: I was at the kitchen table eating fruit before sitting down a my computer.  My phone pinged to let me know I had a message.

“Congrats on the Covid-19 book!”

::insert cricket noises here::

As you may know if you read my blog, I don’t tell you all what I’m writing until my publisher gets it up on Amazon.  I check Amazon regularly so that I know what I can tell everyone about.  This book was not on Amazon.  Probably because I’m still writing it.

But my friend sent me the above ad from Abdo.  That’s my book right in the middle – Coronavirus: The Covid-19 Pandemic.  They are taking pre-orders for this and the other book I’m working on for them.  Today I turned in the rewrites for The Impeachment of Donald Trump.  I’m actually still working on the Coronavirus title.  This is absolutely surreal.

Writing about an ongoing situation is tricky because you have to find the most up-to-date information.  No matter how current the material is that I find, something new will happen between when I send in the manuscript and when I rework it from my editors’ comments.  Between a content expert, an editor and a managing editor, someone is bound to know something I don’t know, something that happened between the time I turned in the manuscript and got their comments, or something that just isn’t public knowledge yet.

That’s the best part about having a content expert on a project.  They are bound to have inside knowledge.  This isn’t like inside trading.  It just means that I’m working with a profession who knows things that haven’t been discussed in the press.

With that in mind – I better get back to work.  I have a book to finish drafting.

If you are interested, you can pop on over to Abdo and find out a bit more about these two titles.



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