Four Things to Do When . . . Life

I’ve got a deadline tomorrow.  And I’m doing a video interview.  Is this why the universe decided to play a practical joke on me?

That is about 75% of what was on one shelf in our pantry.  I was scavenging for a “hot veg” when I picked up a can of . . . chilis?  It may have been chilis.  And the can dripped red.

I finally realized that a can of Strawberry Fanta decided to “self empty” in the pantry. Thankfully, no rice or pasta was drenched in the making of this mess, and the can of soda had been sitting on a lazy susan.  Holy cow.  What a mess!

Fortunately, for some odd reason, I’ve already been doing many of the things that can help you cope when things go awry.  Maybe one of these will be helpful for you.

Yoga.  This is by far my favorite.  It helps my back.  But the relaxation pose is also calming.  In many ways it is a form of meditation.  I’ve noticed when I practice yoga I sleep much better.

Meditation.  If you don’t do yoga, you can still meditate.  My recommendation, if you are a beginner, would be a simple breathing meditation.  Exhale.  Then inhale slowly for a count of five.  Hold your breath briefly.  Exhale to a count of ten.  I sometimes imagine light being pulled in when I inhale and darkness/anxiety being pushed out when I exhale.

Podcasts. Not ready to jump into yoga or meditation? I’ve found two podcasts that are really good at helping you deal with stress.  One is The Happiness Lab and the other is Ten Percent Happier. These are not crazy pod casts that tell you that their techniques will cure what ails you.  But they will give you techniques that science shows will help you deal with stress.  Science.  You didn’t think I’d gone all woo-woo did you?

Coloring. I don’t know if coloring is all the rage that it used to be but I dug out a coloring book today and spent 30 minutes at the dining room table.  I’m not sure why coloring works for me but it helps me relax.

What works for you?