Three More Reasons to Sign Up for Middle Grade Magic

Way back in February I wrote about 3 Reasons to sign up for this event.  They were 1) great sessions, 2) great speakers and 3) the cost which is FREE.

Now we have three more reasons to sign up –

  1.  Life Today.  Given the requirements to social distancing, travel is all but impossible which is why so many events have been called off.
  2. Feed Your Muse.  So many writers that I know have commented on how hard it is for them to write right now.  Since I’ve had deadlines, I’ve had to find a way to feed my must and writing events are a great way to do this.  At the moment, that means looking for an online opportunity such as this one.
  3. Additional Sessions. School Library Journal, the organization organizing this event, understands just how badly librarians and the whole publishing community needs to be lifted up.  To help do this, they have added onto this event.  It now begins at 9 am ET on April 8th and two sessions have been added.  The first is Early Bird Session 1: Debut Author Spotlight with Claribel A. Ortega, author of Ghost Squad (Scholastic), and Janae Marks, author of  From the Desk of Zoe Washington (HarperCollins).  The second session is Early Bird Session 2: Super Heroics
    with Paul Greci, author of Follow the River (Move Books), K.A. Holt, author of BenBee and the Teacher Griefer (Chronicle), and Kate Karyus Quinn & Demitria Lunetta, co creators of Anti/Hero (DC).

Again, this event is on Wednesday, April 8, 2020.  If you are otherwise occupied and can’t make this event during the scheduled hours, no worries!  All sessions are recorded and available for later viewing.  There are also always a variety of samples including ebooks, teachers guides, activity guides and more.

Whether you are looking for some writing inspiration or ideas for extras to help market you book, sign up.  It is definitely worth the time to explore this event.


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