3 Things to Know about Querying/Submitting

I just met a deadline Friday and I’d been noodling over sending my work to several agents.  But is now a good time?  That’s something I ask myself on a regular basis but what about now when offices are closing and people are working from home.  So I did some looking online.  Here is what I found.

Send It In.  Yes, there are agents and publishers who want your work.  They may not know what the longterm will bring but now?  They want to read it.  They want to get lost in a good book and they know that young readers will too.  So polish the things you have ready to go and submit.

Check Guidelines. Before you send your work in, be sure to check guidelines.  This is always a good idea but now it is really important.  I put off sumitting to a grant because I didn’t want to mess around with a hard copy submission.  Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn’t.  It all depended on how I felt when I met this deadline.  Now they are only accepting electronic submissions.  Be sure you are doing what they want you to do NOW and then means checking out those guidelines.

Be Flexible.  You may have things ready to go only to discover that . . . wait?  What?  Another change has taken place.  There’s a lot of that going on right now.  Just take a deep breath and get things ready to go according to what they want now.  Really.  You can do it.

The world is an off beat, confusing place right now and young readers are going to need books that entertain, inform and overjoy.


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