4 Things to Help You Weather Working from Home

Last week I had a deadline.  My son was on Spring Break.  My husband took the week off.  And then coronavirus.

No, none of us are sick but we have been taking social isolation seriously.  Putting in a fifty hour work week while sharing my office with an extrovert was not ideal but it was not nearly as stressful as I thought it would be. Hopefully he only has to go back to work one or two days next week.  They are shifting to work from home but because of security issues have to use their work computers.

So we’ve been cleaning.  And stirring up dust.  But soon there will be room in here for another computer.  Now if I can avoid taking Sudafed before Monday noon.  I have a doctor’s appointment – again not ideal but I want to get a new inhaler and they are making me come in.

We are all facing a lot of uncertainty and for some of you a big part of it will be because you are working from home.  Here are four things that you can do to make this work.

  1.  Remember that it is work.  You are on the job.  Get dressed.  Keep office hours.  Get the job done which means that you aren’t going to be spending all of your time on social media which leads me to …
  2. Keep your spirits up.  Do things that make you happy.  Spend time outside so that you get some sunlight.  Me?  I’m getting my sun lamp set back up because we had rain and snow today.  I am knitting.  Last night I got my mom’s old sewing machine out and running.  And another way to keep your spirits up…
  3. Stay connected.  I have been making a point of calling one person a day.  That doesn’t sound like much but I really loathe the phone but I also know that my older friends prefer phone calls to Facebook Messenger. I can work with this.
  4. Talk to your boss.  If you and your boss see each other daily, touch base daily at least for a while.  This will help you both align your goals.

While I love working from home, I chose it.  You may end up loving it too especially if you set yourself up for success.


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