5 Reasons to Take Part in This Picture Book Challenge

Do you write picture books?  If so, you should sign up for the ReFoReMo challenge?

If you’ve never heard of it, this isn’t a picture book writing challenge.  It is a challenge all about studying picture books so that you can learn to write them.

Writing Picture Books Is Harder Than It Looks.  Most of us, at some time in our lives, have believed that writing a picture book sounds do-able.  They are so compact!  And so adorable!  Like a literary cup cake.  But then we try to write them and find out just how crazy difficult it is.  You are packing a full story into less than 500 words and leaving room for pictures.  How do you do it?

This Challenge Helps You Learn from Published Authors.  One of the best wasy to learn to write is to study how multi-published authors do it.  Throughout this challenge, authors like Heidi Stemple will tell you about various aspects of their writing.  And they will each give you numerous examples from the published books of other authors.

This Challenge Helps You Learn from Editors.  But it isn’t just authors who write the blog posts.  So do editors like Little Bee’s Courtney Fahey.  Want to know what an editor looks for?  Just read her post.

There’s a Scrumptious Readling List.  When I want to study published books to learn about a topic, I find myself having to ask.  What are good picture books to study rhyme?  What about setting?  Or voice?  The reading list for the challenge has already been released and there are well over 100 books for you to read.  Each blog post is accompanied by a numver of books.

With this Challenge, You Will Have Accountability.  It is easy to want to do things and then never get around to them.  I want to clean off my desk.  I wish my kitchen floor was clean.  I want to read and learn.  When I sign up for this challenge it is actually something I do.

Why not sign up here and see of yourself?


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