Three Things I Love about Being a Writer

I didn’t decide that I wanted to focus on my writing until I was well into grad school.  Incidentally, for those of you who don’t know, my graduate degree is in history.  I wanted to learn to do better research for my writing but I thought that writing would be my side gig.  But it isn’t and that’s great because I love so much about being a writing including…

Reading.  One piece of advice that I can’t argue with is that writers should read 50+ pieces of writing in their genre.  For me, that would be children’s nonfiction.  Or picture books.  Or how-tos.  Or crafts and activities.  But it is just awesome that reading counts as work!  Dear Ms. Grau – When you told me to put my book down and take my spelling test because no one would pay me to read. . .

Research.  One of the best things about writing is that I get to research topics that I love.  This includes ancient cultures, specifically the Maya, history including World War I and World War II, the science of evolution and even popular music.  This is why my mom always thought that I should be a writer because I’m curious about so many different things.

Variety.  In addition to researching different things, I’ve gotten to do so many different types of writing.  I’ve done nonfiction magazine writing for kids, readers theater, how-to articles for my fellow writers, crafts and activities and even science projects for kids, and a wide range of nonfiction for teens and tweens.  There are so many different types of writing that I’ve only scratched the surface.  I’m left wondering what I’ll have added to my resume in another five years.

Hmm.  Maybe the best thing about being a working writer is that I get to do something that I love. And with that – Happy Valentine’s Day.